Friday, February 27, 2015

Green home: a color poem

                                       Green are the leaves of blossoming flowers.
                                     The fluffy grass of a sunny summer.
                                     Green is the sound of whistling trees in my homeland.
                                    Green is  the breeze blowing from North to East.
                                     Green is the scene of endless tress from a mountain top.
                                     The fresh scent of lemon grass in my backyard.
                                     Green is the aura of peace and longing.
                                      Green is home from long ago


Chasing my destiny

                            I don't dash or rush after the wind but the wind after me

                              I shoot before the gun, and reach before others run.

                              I am faster than a starving dog chasing for its bone.

                              I rise before the sun and get back before its down.

                              Why do I run?

                              It's not a mystery.

                              I don't really run to be fit but to flee the weak me.

                             The side of me that evilly whispers

                             "You won't make it"

                              I won't give up because I have a destiny

                              and I am desperate to reach it.